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Rumors are running wild that the latest chick claiming to be Mathew Knowles‘ child’s mother, was friends with his youngest daughter Solange while she was hooking up with Solange’s daddy!

Ewww! This is the only word we can come up with as it pertains to this particular situation! Oh wait here’s another word we can think of….gross! We can’t even imagine how that would happen and we don’t want to!

Luckily, according to Solange’s camp we don’t have to…because it isn’t true!

As we previously reported, Beyonce and Solange’s daddy is back on the child support hot seat after another woman has come forward with a child she claims is his.

A rumor has been floating around that this chick and Solange were friends at the time of the …conception.

However, according to TMZ, Solange claims she does not know TaQoya, and her rep says the pic that is floating around that is supposed to be proof that they were BFF’s back in the day  is a “random fan photo.”


Well, thank goodness for small miracles because had this lady been a friend of Solange’s at the time…that might have caused another elevator incident…and nobody want’s that! Well…Solange’s mother might want that…but probably nobody else wants that!




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