Keyshia Cole Draws Up Divorce Papers?


Keyshia Cole is officially done with Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. According to reports, Keyshia had divorce papers drawn up and may be filing them soon.

Boobie recently revealed details about their marriage and took responsibility for ruining their union.

“I think that life happened. In certain situations, you are a match made in heaven. But at the same time, nothing is perfect — and nobody is perfect,” he explained. “Then in some situations, you aren’t going to be as perfect as some people expect you to be. What happened with me and her was that our relationship was out there for everyone to see. So whenever we were going through our problems, it became public and everyone saw the ups and downs. With us, I think it was just a matter of us growing apart over time. I can’t say that there was one thing that broke us up, but what I can say as a man; when you are in a relationship, and you say those vows, I take full responsibility for everything that didn’t go right.”

Guess there’s no working it out at this point.

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