tlc & rihanna

TLC comes from an era where social media didn’t exist to enhance beefs.

And to put it bluntly, T-Boz and Chilli would like it if Rihanna didn’t lash out at them on social media.

The feud started last week when TLC allegedly commented on Rihanna’s sheer dress from the CFDC Awards.

But T-Boz said the quotes were taken out of context.

However, the damage had been done already. Rihanna and her fans called out the ladies for their criticisms and called them hypocrites who used sex and showing skin to sell records as well.

Not only did TLC receive backlash, but threats were made too.

“When you think you’re riding for an artist, riding means on their side and you start threatening lives and threatening our kids…Come on, man. Y’all are taking it too far,” T-Boz said. 

T-Boz reiterated the comments about singers showing too much skin weren’t about Rihanna — claiming her nor Chilli saw Rihanna’s sheer dress.

“The whole conversation had nothing to do with her anyway and it was never about her at all…We were giving a positive message to little girls,” she said.

T-Boz added: “We were saying, ‘It’s cool if you don’t wear clothes; you can do what you want to do. We don’t care.’ We were talking to the little girls who want to be on television and be singers, even reality shows.”

In the music industry for two decades, T-Boz is known for speaking her mind.

“Check my record,” T-Boz said about always keeping it real.

Chilli is willing to talk with Rihanna about the misunderstanding. She doesn’t believe in airing dirty laundry on social media.

“If we have a problem with an artist or an artist has a problem with us, come to us directly. Talk to us,” Chilli said. “Don’t start a Twitter war and all this kind of stuff. That’s silly.”

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