todd, todds mom & mama joyce

*Uh oh, it’s coming to a head.

We’re talking Mama Vs. Mama drama on tonight’s “Kandi’s Wedding.”

Yep, Kandi’s mother, the infamous Mama Joyce gets grilled by Todd’s mother and it’s downhill from there ’cause the “b” word was used.

“I know you speak very negatively about my child,” said Todd’s mother who asked Mama Joyce not to threaten Todd.

Hmm, it seems Todd has been keeping his mom informed about all the drama and accusations he faced at the hands of Mama Joyce.

(Well, that would make sense. Hell, all she has to do is watch the show, but we digress.)

In a scene from tonight’s show, things nearly get physical at the dinner table between Todd’s mom and Mama Joyce whose sisters were right there to defend her.

As we said above, things reached a boiling point when one mom called the other out of her name.

Check it out below and watch the full show tonight, Sunday, at 8pm E/P on “Kandi’s Wedding” on Bravo.


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