Newly appointed Los Angeles Clippers interim CEO Richard Parsons spoke at his first news conference Monday.

“There is huge danger and pitfalls, but there is tremendous opportunity for this franchise,” NBC Los Angeles quoted Parsons saying. “My job is to be the CEO of the enterprise and make sure… the boat still floats and is headed in the right direction, and maybe pick up a little speed.”

“The team right now finds itself without executive leadership, and that’s not something the NBA can tolerate. They need someone to be, on an interim basis, the leader, to make sure no value is lost, help it move to the next level and move through this period of transition.”

After  days of silence, Donald Sterling, former Clipper’s owner, finally commented on the ban and the secret recording between him and V. Stiviano.  He sat with Anderson Cooper to discuss the events that have taken place. The full interview airs Monday night at 8 PM ET. Here’s a partial transcript.

Parsons was asked about his reaction to Sterling’s apology during the news conference.

“Sterling questions are hard because I don’t know the man,” he said to reporters. He later said that he prefers to keep his personal opinions as just that.

Watch the full interview tonight and share your thoughts!

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