Cleansing your Toothbrush: How many millions of bacteria can be found on a toothbrush? It is a scary thought, but one worth mentioning. If you think about it, you brush your teeth whether you are sick or not, but you never wash your toothbrush! A great way to cleanse the toothbrush is by soaking it in a little hydrogen peroxide from time to time. This will also “strip” the brush of particles left behind from toothpaste. Make sure you run the brush under cold water and gently press your thumb over the bristles to remove the loosened gunk off the brush after it has been soaked in the hydrogen peroxide for at least five minutes.

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Add Natural Looking Highlights to Your Hair: This is a great use for peroxide! Coloring hair is expensive and requires maintains that in turn becomes expensive as well. If you would like to lighten your hair, peroxide may be just the ingredient you need! Think about it, a 98 cent bottle of peroxide could ultimately give you the lightening locks you’ve been craving! Can peroxide really do that? Yes, it may take more time, but the gradual use will give you more natural looking highlights and color. Simply mix, in a spray bottle, a mixture of one part hydrogen peroxide and one part water. Your good to go! After taking a shower, spritz the solution of peroxide and water over the hair and comb through. You do not need to wash out the peroxide mixture, although you may after about a half hour if you wish. Do this every time you shower and in no time you will have noticeably lighter hair without the trip to the salon, or overpriced DIY hair color.

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