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The Charles Koch Institute will host a panel discussion on Wednesday, May 14 on the challenges that prevent many Americans, particularly the least fortunate, from moving up the socioeconomic ladder and how these obstacles can be overcome. The event, “Climbing the Ladder: Obstacles to Achieving the American Dream,” will explore income, wealth, ethnicity, race, geography, education and other factors that impact opportunity and economic mobility. The event which will be held at the Georgia-Pacific Auditorium will address issues specific to Atlanta, as it was recently identified as one of the American cities in which it is most difficult to rise in socioeconomic status, will be highlighted.

While the vast majority of Americans have higher family incomes than their parents did, people raised at the bottom of the income ladder are likely to remain there as adults. In Atlanta, a child raised in the bottom fifth has only a four percent chance of making it to the top. This indicates that, for too many people, the path to prosperity and, ultimately, greater well-being, is filled with roadblocks.

The panel is one of a series of nationwide events that promote dialogue and research on how to improve quality of life as part of CKI’s Well-Being Initiative.

The American Dream — the idea that anyone willing to work hard and play by the rules can enjoy earned success — has attracted tens of millions of people to the United States since our nation’s founding. But for many Americans, opportunity is stagnant and the dream seems out of reach. Discussions on the issue can lead to solutions to the challenges of upward mobility.

This much anticipated event will be moderated by Alexis Scott, vice president of Member Relations, National Center for Civil and Human Rights and former publisher of the Atlanta Daily World. Speakers include: Oliver Sherouse, senior policy analyst and research fellow, Charles Koch Institute Doug Shipman and chief executive officer, National Center for Civil and Human Rights; Richard V. Reeves, fellow, economic studies and policy director, Center on Children and Families, Brookings Institution; Max Borders, editor, The Freeman, director of content, Foundation for Economic Education; Benita Dodd, vice president, Georgia Public Policy Foundation

For more information please contact the Charles Koch Institute at 703) 875-1736


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