Debbie Rowe isn’t going to let the Michael Jackson‘s Brothers blast her and get away with it.

She wants guardianship of her kids Paris and Prince Jackson as well Blanket and is calling out the Jackson Brothers as money-hungry slackers!

Sources said she was expecting Randy, Jackie, Jermaine and Tito to attack her — calling her out as taking MJ’s money and abandoning her children.

But she’s not going down without a fight and without telling her side of the story.

Although she’s upset at the accusations, she said MJ would call her for parenting advice, and she was always there for both the kids and MJ.

Also, she revealed how the King of Pop really feels about his brothers — calling them slackers who were always in his pockets while stating that baby sis Janet Jackson was the only other talented Jackson with her own!

But nevertheless, Rowe wants guardianship of the kids as she feels Katherine Jackson is too old to care for them.

And that’s just it! If Katherine loses guardianship of the children she won’t receive that $50K in child support. And the Jackson Brothers don’t like that — losing the money from MJ’s estate.

Rowe is planning on moving the kids to her ranch in Palmdale — where she makes her OWN LIVING successfully breeding horses.


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