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A group of Dartmouth College students staged an overnight sit-in Tuesday at the office of the Ivy League university’s president, demanding a point-by-point response to a list of action items the protesters say will address a variety of issues on the campus.

The activists unveiled a Freedom Budget in February with over 70 specific actions they want the Dartmouth administration to take to address students’ concerns over diversity, perceived sexism and the campus climate for minorities and the LGBT community. Students entered President Phil Hanlon’s office Tuesday afternoon at 4 p.m. asking for a point-by-point response, following what they felt was a half-hearted statement about their budget from Dartmouth a day before finals on March 6.

“None of those points are just thrown in there because we thought they should be there,” Jillian Mayer, a Dartmouth senior, said in a phone interview from Hanlon’s office. “People spent a lot of time building this Freedom Budget. I am not willing to prioritize certain things over others when all of these issues work towards the same goal.”

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