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Illinois State Capitol Building (Getty)

The practice of so-called “conversion” therapy on minors — in which therapists attempt to “cure” their patients of homosexuality — could soon be banned in another state.

An Illinois proposal to ban conversion therapy, sponsored by state Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago),was approved by the state’s House Human Services Committee by a vote of 9-to-6 on Wednesday, the Associated Press reports.

The legislation would create the Conversion Therapy Prohibition Act, which would specifically ban any mental health provider from engaging with efforts to change the sexual orientation of anyone under the age of 18. Anyone caught doing so would be “disciplined by the licensing entity or disciplinary review board with competent jurisdiction,” the legislation reads.

The vote was met with applause by Bernard Cherkasov, CEO of LGBT advocacy group Equality Illinois, who urged the full state House to “quickly follow suit” and advance the bill.

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