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Well, there goes another friendship down the drain on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”But this is no two-way feud. It’s a couples confrontation consisting of NeNe Leakes and Gregg Leakes, and Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas.

A confrontation occurred between NeNe and Thomas before Gregg got involved, and Bailey became upset at NeNe for coming for her man.

“You need to stay out of women business. You are causing problems. You are the only husband…who gets involved in women’s business…You need to stop trying to roll with the women. You need to stay outta women’s business. You need to stop trying to be a damn b!tch,” NeNe said to Thomas.

This whole confrontation started when NeNe arrived at a charity event hosted by Kenya Moore and she felt she didn’t get a proper invitation. And she had an attitude!

Thomas didn’t like it. So he and his wife Bailey were on their way out of the party. NeNe followed and asked him what was HIS problem! That led to an argument between the two.

And then Gregg got involved and confronted Thomas.

“Friend or no friend, when you cross the line, you deserve a little check, too,” NeNe said.

But many fans on social media felt the same way about NeNe and her husband — that Thomas was just expressing how he felt about her actions at the charity ball, and she threw it out of proportion.

But NeNe does have her followers who believe Thomas is too involved in the drama.

And as for Bailey, she’s disappointed in NeNe too — for disrespecting her husband.

“There’s nothing that Gregg Leakes could ever do to make me say, ‘You a b!tc#, Gregg,’” Cynthia said. “I think it was completely disrespectful for NeNe to refer to you as a b!tc#.”

Maybe, Gregg should’ve acted like Bailey who decided not to get involved directly in her husband’s argument.

“I don’t need my wife to fight for me, EVER!!” Peter tweeted. “My wife is a lady,she don’t talk like that,I am a big boy,these MF can’t f_ck with me,I got this.”

But Bailey is  now getting involved in an upcoming episode.

“I could have said something,” Bailey said as she might confront NeNe.

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