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Ever wanted relationship advice from a megastar?

Well, Nicki Minaj has the best advice for women out there who want to be homewreckers!

OK,  actually… thank goodness it’s only a role she’s playing as Cameron Diaz‘s assistant in “The Other Woman.”

Minaj herself is not actually a homewrecker, but her character in the film, Lydia, thinks it’s OK to go after married men.

At least, that’s what she tells her boss Carly (played by Diaz) to do!

“All I’m saying is that married guys would be the perfect fit for you,” Minaj said. “I think you need someone with something that’s gonna keep ‘em busy.

Lydia’s mother might be the actual source for this advice…

“I’ll tell you what my mother told me, and these are words to live by: Selfish people live longer,” she finishes up as she leaves the room.

The non-romantic comedy opens up on April 25. Watch the trailer here.

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