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OK, let’s be honest.

Rick Ross‘ lyrics “everyday I’m hustlin’” and LMFAO‘s “everyday I’m shufflin’” are very similar. And the latter had to be inspired by the former.

But although the lyrics aren’t exactly alike and aren’t used in the same lyrical context, Ross isn’t having that with LMFAO.

As we reported, he’s suing the party music duo for plagiarism.

But LMFAO’s RedFoo and SkyBlu are defending their music as NOT copyright infringement.

The song in question, 2011′s mega-hit “Party Rock Anthem” is a nod to the Melbourne Shuffle, which are dance moves originating on the Australian rave scene.

The anthem is said to be a “paean to good, hardcore partying” and nothing like 2006′s “Hustlin’” — which is about a “trafficker’s criminal lifestyle.”

LMFAO added:

“The composition Hustlin’ tells the story of a big time international drug dealer in Miami involved in the international cocaine traffic network who knows both the former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega . . . and the Colombian narcotic trafficker Pablo Escobar.”

The duo clarified they are about good times not crack and death like Ross.

The 2011 party hit is clearly a play on words to Ross’ 2006 hit, but the context is so different that LMFAO claim they did not rip him off.

But if Ross wins, he could obtain millions for the duo’s number one hit, which has sold 8 million copies worldwide.

The line was also featured on LMFAO’s successful clothing line.

So basically if Ross wins LMFAO is in deep doo doo!


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