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Zoe Saldana isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The starlet is in talks to play barrier-breaking black entertainer, Eartha Kitt.

Saldana is no stranger to playing real-life people – her upcoming biopic about Nina Simone‘s life and career is without a release date.

In fact, she’s been heavily criticized for garnering the role as Simone in the upcoming biopic, “Nina.” In an interview with Ocean Drive Magazine, Saldana addressed her role.

“It’s one of the scariest projects I’ve ever been involved with because it was about an iconic figure, and there were so many political [issues] around it from the beginning, but I really wanted it to be a love song to Nina Simone and I wanted it to just come from a place of absolute love,” she said.

She continued with responding to her critics:

“I can’t stop to think about who thinks me to be black enough or not black enough. I know who I am. I like who I am. And I’m not going to explain who I am. I’ve always been like that—I was raised to be that way.”

Nevertheless, Saldana — now a Hollywood a-lister — just has roles pouring in. Check her out here and here.

She has taken on the legendary role of Rosemary (made famous by Mia Farrow) in a NBC four-hour miniseries, the re-imaging of “Rosemary’s Baby.”

According to Hollywood Reporter, Saldana will not only be starring as the lead in the upcoming miniseries, but her production company, Cinestar Productions, signed a deal with Lionsgate’s Pantelion to produce more content for Hispanic audiences.

She has proven herself a very versatile actress of color — just like one of her foremothers, Eartha Kitt.

Kitt reached her peak years in the late 1960s when she took on her famous role as Catwoman in the campy ”Batman” TV series, but then unfortunately experienced a decline in popularity due to her honest views on the Vietnam war.

Kitt died from colon cancer on Christmas Day in 2008 and of course she’s also known for her 1950s Christmas hit, “Santa Baby.”

Although it’s unofficial Saldana will play Kitt, she closely resembles who legendary actor  Orson Welles once called ”the most exciting woman in the world!”

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