Laverne Cox (Glamour Photo)

Laverne Cox is everywhere these days and we still can’t seem to get enough. As the transgender inmate Sophia in the Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black,” Cox skillfully balances charm and depth in a role that has been both critically praised and beloved by viewers. While Cox now plays a character suited to her talents, she’s no stranger to industry sexism and its troubling racial dimension.

Cox was the first black trans woman to ever appear on reality television when she starred in “I Want To Work For P.Diddy” in 2008. But according to a March 16 Buzzfeed profile, despite her groundbreaking status, Cox faced pressure to play the “angry black woman” role — and pushed back against it.

“I remember being really conscious of not wanting to fight with another black woman on camera,” Cox told Buzzfeed’s Saeed Jones. “I did an interview and the producers were like, ‘Well, this [other black woman on the show] said this about you. What do you have to say about that?’ And I said I’m not fighting with another black woman on TV.”

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