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Before I jump into my critique of black folks’ celebration of rapper Lil Boosie’s release from prison last Wednesday, I’ll share my opinion on popular criticisms and stereotypes of black people. The criticisms include, but are not limited to: sagging pants, materialism, loud music, irresponsible parenting, littering, destruction of property, promiscuity, illiteracy and a propensity for criminal behavior and violence. Let’s go.

According to dominant culture, there have always been issues with descendants of African slaves: Lips too big, nose too wide, skin too black, hair too nappy, music too devilish, pants worn too far below the waist. Some form of internal lacking on the part of blacks, an inarticulable aspect of our essence, always prevents us from being viewed as human beings, always. The same curious mechanism prevents an unarmed black person, fatally shot by police or a white person, to be viewed as a murder victim. It’s a total mystery.

Some critics like to blame the N-word (Nigga) for black peoples’ second class citizenry. The same people suggest that if black folks stop saying the word “nigga,” they’ll stop being treated like “niggers.” To this notion I say, the only people who want the N-word to disappear are white liberals who feel guilty that the conditions which created the word still exist, and those wishing to appease them.

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