Nick Cannon & More Scammed Out Of Thousands Of Dollars

Actor/media personality Nick Cannon poses during the 2013 American Black Film Festival

Even if you’re worth millions, it doesn’t mean you can’t be scammed out of thousands.

Nick Cannon and a few athletes are the latest victims of a scam by a man in Los Angeles who promised to sell season tickets to the Miami Heat basketball games and give “partial ownership” of the team to those in the deal. According to reports, the alleged scammer George French Jones could be facing an intense prison sentence for the scam.

According to the California Attorney General’s office Jones ripped off Jarvis Green by promising him Miami Heat season tickets and partial ownership of the team.

He also made the same offer to Charles Woodson, Warren Moon and Nick Cannon.

He tried to get $50K from Woodson, $25K from Green and only $15K from Cannon.  Moon was hit the hardest after he wired $200,000 to Jones.

Jones faces more than 30 years in prison if convicted. For now  prosecutors want him held without bail, unless he can prove he’s paying it with legit funds, instead of his victims’ funds.

Woop. Watch your money, y’all.

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