Jennifer Lawrence Can’t Walk


So apparently, Jennifer Lawrence can not walk. The “American Hustle” actress donned a red Dior gown to Oscars ceremony but quickly faded into the red carpet when she fell into it. How she managed to do so with crowds of people aiding her as she walked is actually quite impressive. Folks are starting to think she’s doing it on purpose…but hey, if she wants to be known for being clumsy so be it!

Cate Banchett’s Epic Acceptance Speech

Cate Blanchett is the epitome of elegance. She began her acceptance speech by genuinely thanking her competitors…except for Julia Roberts who she told #suckit. She used her peers’ attention to make a statement to those who think of women-centric films as niche. They are not, she said. “Audiences want to see them and in fact they earn money.” And if you haven’t yet been informed, “the world is round people.”

Brad & Angelina’s PDA

brad angelina oscars

When Brad and Angelina arrived to the 2014 Academy Awards, they were dubbed the king and queen of the prom, and it’s just true. Brad may be 50, but he is still fine and Angeline Jolie, well she’s just the most gorgeous woman on this planet (outside of Halle Berry that is). Brad, who snagged an Oscar for his executive hand in “12 Years A Slave,” softly kissed and held his wife throughout the ceremony. it was adorable watching them interact with one another. It looks like they still in to each other like the first day they met!

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