If the politics of respectability is to be infiltrated within the sub-culture of under-presented groups in this nation… why can’t the same be expected for those of privilege?

That was the overarching question I pondered as I led a coalition of peers to break the silence of an age-old tradition that has been celebrated on campuses across America.

Culturally insensitive campus parties have been rampant in institutions of higher learning for many years. But recently, they have been more public and for the under-represented groups that encounter such disregard for their sexuality, socio-economic status, race and heritage, “enough is enough” is an understatement.

If you attended Dartmouth College, you might have encountered a “Crips and Bloods” party. Or in Arizona State University, watermelon cups that glamorized an “MLK Day” party. But at the University of Pennsylvania last week, I had to scroll through social media to realize that my campus was no exception.

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