Just because the polar vortex is back, doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh produce. Believe it or not, some fruits and veggies are in their prime this time of year. Sharon Ritcher, RD walks us through some of the best picks and the tastiest ways to serve them. Read on for her top 13 of the season!

1. Chicories

chicories raw

Kale may be getting all the attention lately, but let some chicories into your life now. Not only are they packed with flavor (and folate), they’re also hearty and ideal for cold weather meals. Mix up your greens with Belgian endive, frisée and escarole, and incorporate some purple radicchio into your salad too. The variety of color isn’t just pleasing to the eye, it also means more vitamins for your body. If the slightly bitter taste of chicories isn’t quite your thing, Richter suggests cooking with them: Add escarole to soup, try turkey or chicken salad wraps with radicchio and use Belgian endive to scoop up dips and spreads, she says.

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