The organizers of the Chicago Marathon on Thursday announced a huge change to the registration process for this year’s race, a process that devolved into a giant mess last year when the registration website collapsed under the weight of overwhelming demand.

Organizers announced the 2014 race will utilize a lottery system wherein some registrants will be guaranteed to be among the 26.2-mile race’s 45,000 runners, while others’ participation will be left up to chance.

Registrants guaranteed their spot in the Oct. 12 race will include:

Anyone running on behalf of an official Chicago Marathon charity,

Anyone participating in the official Chicago Marathon international tour program,

Anyone who is a “legacy” Chicago Marathon finisher — having finished the marathon at least five times over the last decade,

Anyone participating in the wheelchair division or

Any men who have run a verifiable sub-3:15:00 marathon or women who have run a sub-3:45:00 marathon

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