Photo by Hello Beautiful

Photo by Hello Beautiful

Well, ‘ello Idris!

Last night the actor had Twitter hot and bothered when he posted a random Tweet of himself dressed up in a suit and bow tie on his way to the Palms Springs Film Festival.  But it wasn’t just his good looks that sent social media into a tizzy! He Tweeted:

My Bow makes my dick hard every time I smile…is that normal? — Idris Elba (@idriselba) January 5, 2014

*clutches pearls and pauses to collect self*

While Twitter didn’t have the answers, there were plenty of responses! The Tweet garnered 5,833 retweets, 6,428 favorites — and counting — plus caused several of the ladies who caught it to fall out at the thought:

I was summoned to Twitter b/c of @IdrisElba‘s bow tie tweet. That man will have me shame my mama willingly and often. AMEN! — Awesomely Luvvie (@Luvvie) January 5, 2014

And if Idris Elba looks at me and says ello’ — Princess Jasmine  (@DammitHamm_) January 5, 2014

I believe this. Cold weather too? Yes. RT “@GrimalkinRN@ReignOfApril In 9 month’s we’ll have #bowtiebabies @idriselba” — April (@ReignOfApril) January 5, 2014

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think @idriselba (or the hacker who got at him) just broke Twitter. — Joy Reid (@TheReidReport) January 5, 2014

Some contemplated if the actor had been hacked (or perhaps meant to send that as a direct message to someone), but his verified account was updated on Sunday morning with a Tweet that still has his followers reacting, a hint that maybe the bold question wasn’t a dream:

O_o “Driver roll up the partition please” RT @idriselba: Had fun…releasing the beast..:) (jokes) — JP Fairfield™ (@isitis) January 5, 2014

Back in June 2013, journalists asked Idris about rumors that he would play the doctor in the BBC hit  ”Doctor Who” and the actor replied ”I’d look silly in a bow tie”….but after last night it’s safe to say a whole lot of folks would disagree.


Looks like Idris finally caught up on the frenzy he caused:

Wowsers! Crazy how many new followers you get when you mention the D*** If I owned a Bow tie company I’d be laughing. Dickie Bows by Driis

— Idris Elba (@idriselba) January 5, 2014

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