In her fascinating and revelatory book “Remembering Whitney,” Cissy Houston, mother of the late singer and an accomplished artist in her own right, reveals when she finally realized that her famous daughter was strung out.

“Sometimes I just felt the need to see her, so I’d drive on over and drop in,” she wrote. “One day when she opened the door, I looked at her in shock. She was just as high as she could be. Her eyes were glassy and she was completely out of it. I said, ‘Nippy, what the hell are you doing?’ “I was so angry at her that I started shaking.

I had never seen my baby like this and it frightened me. No matter what other people were saying, I’d stubbornly held on to the idea that things really weren’t as bad as they said they were.” She continued, “I loved my daughter just like any mother loves her daughter, but Nippy broke my heart that day. And her brothers did too because they were all doing the same thing. I was shocked, hurt and confused. “I didn’t understand it then and I still don’t. I suppose I never will.”

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