Macys Racial Profiling copy
According to a lawsuit filed against the chain, Macy’s security team looks to make five arrests per week and has a race code system for non-white shoppers, reports the New York Daily News.

Ayla Gursoy (pictured left), who filed the suit and is Muslim, claims she was detained and arrested at Macy’s Herald Square in September 2010. The suit contends that the store’s security guards use a code system, where African Americans are referred to as “10-90s” and Black women are referred to as “10-91s.” The code was allegedly created “to facilitate its targeting of Middle Eastern, African-American/Black and other non-White shoppers.”

In a partial deposition, store detective Brenda Howard admitted that “five arrests” per week was a target for security. Still, Howard couldn’t be reached for comment on the matter.

Watch a CBS report about the recent racial profiling allegations:

The lawsuit comes during a spate of racial profiling

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