L O R I or Lady’s Owned Resource Index is a mobile app that finds local women businesses closest to you. This app intends to empower women-owned businesses by changing the point of purchase of potential customers. It’s obvious that women, especially American women make up the biggest portion of “buyers” or “purchasers” in the world. L O R I’s VP of Engineering says, “It’s time that women leverage this purchasing power for the betterment of women.”

With women-owned businesses flourishing, L O R I’s GPS should be working overtime to provide you with a plethora of women-owned businesses around you, including, but not limited to hair salons, bakeries, clubs/lounges, laundry/cleaners, hotels and restaurants.
According to Clutch, by working with Women’s Chamber Of Commerce, L O R I has three short and sweet goals:
(1) Encouraging users to download L O R I app.
(2) Encouraging users to patronize the businesses in L O R I app.
(3) Maintaining the integrity of the information on the women owned businesses in L O R I app.

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