Just three days after the “ghost train” collision that injured 33 people on the CTA Blue Line in Chicago, the first lawsuit was filed by a passenger hurt in the bizarre crash.


The Associated Press reports passenger Kim Quatch is seeking at least $50,000 in damages in the collision.


Meanwhile, the cause of the collision remains under investigation. Despite early reports on Monday speculating that sabotage was a possible factor in the crash, the CTA and National Transportation Safety Board probe has all but ruled that out, according to CBS Chicago.


Instead, investigators appear to be focusing on a technical malfunction causing the mishap, NBC Chicago reports. A bulletin sent Thursday night to CTA employees laid out new procedures to follow to ensure cars taken out of service that end up in a train yard stay put.


In the Monday crash, an unmanned eastbound train struck a westbound train while riding along the same track, overriding a trip mechanism intended to prevent trains from moving out an operator aboard.


The Harlem station, where the crash took place, reopened on Wednesday.

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