UNITED STATES : Dr Mae C Jemison was born in 1956 in Decatur, Alabama. She received a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering (and completed the requirements for a Bachelor in African and Afro-American studies) at Stanford University in 1977, and also received a Doctorate degree in medicine from Cornell University. After medical school she did post-graduate medical training and worked as an area Peace Corps medical officer for Sierra Leone and Liberia, managing the health care delivery system for US

On September 12th, 1992, Mae Carol Jemison became the first African-American woman to travel into space. Jemison along with six other astronauts were on board the Endeavour on mission STS47.

Some facts about her:

She trained for five years, after entering the astronaut training program on June 4th, 1987.
She was born in Decatur, Alabama, but considers Chicago, Illinois her home after moving there at the age of three.
At one point in her life, she thought about possibly pursuing dance as a career (she even took a poster ofthe Alvin Ailey dance company with her on her flight). Ultimately, she obtained her M.D. from Cornell University Medical College.
On the first day of Kindergarten, at the age of 5, she told her teacher she wanted to be a scientist when she grew up.
She joined the Peace Corps as a medical officer in Sierra Leone and Liberia.
She spent eight days (190 hours) in space.

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