According to several sources as of Thursday, there is a new write-in candidate for the city of Detroit mayoral race: Mike Dugeon. If his name sounds familiar it is because Mike Dugeon name is pronounced just like write-in candidate Mike Duggan.

Detroit was first introduced to Dugeon, a barber, when WJBK-TV (Fox 2) reporter Charlie LeDuff interviewed him at this Detroit home regarding a tip that he was running for mayor. At the time Dugeon said it was a joke.

However, according to City Clerk Janice Winfrey, it is not a joke. Winfrey confirmed that Dugeon turned in paperwork Thursday.

Although Dugeon has no previous political experience nor does his campaign show any political platform, he has turned in paperwork and created a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DugeonForDetroit for his campaign and even has a slogan – Dugeon’s slogan is “Every Citizen Has a Future.”

A write-in challenger with a similar name could introduce confusion into a already complicated election. With the primary around the corner, Detroiters will have more than just a traditional mayoral Election Day awaiting them.

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