Some people dream of success; others wake up and work for it. Monica G. Anthony is the latter. Since 2002, she has been on an entrepreneurial mission of excellence as founder of the Detroit-based Gian-Chris, Inc., a company that began as a commercial real estate consulting entity. Through the years, however, her 11-year-old company has evolved, and now serves as the umbrella component for many of Anthony’s other innovative business, community and social ventures.

Anthony’s latest endeavor, launched last March under the auspices of Gian-Chris, Inc., represents a business partnership with Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry. The jewelry company is a Black-owned direct sales company that sells to national and international customers. Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry was started by Philadelphia born, Detroit raised Dr. Traci Lynn.

Anthony, through a travelling sales module called Lady MgAnthony Boutique, sells the beautiful, unique, affordable, high quality fashion jewelry, including rings, bracelets, earrings, necklace sets, watches (men and women) and sunglasses. She sells the jewelry online and at an array of locations, including home shows, churches and other places throughout metropolitan Detroit. Anthony has also put on jewelry shows in Illinois and Missouri. The fashion jewelry, according to Anthony, fits every taste, budget, and occasion. “Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry is a wonderful and phenomenal company,” said Anthony. “Traci is a dynamic woman and leader who is motivating, inspiring and changing the lives of so many Black women who have become partners and entrepreneurs under her company. It is an awesome company…and I’m on fire.”

On fire with successful entrepreneurial endeavors is nothing new for Anthony. She has amassed many success stories as they relate to spearheading empowering projects and initiatives in civic, community and faith-based sectors, the latter of which represents some of her best and most cherished work.

As first lady of Fellowship Chapel on Detroit’s west side, Anthony is the wife of Rev. Wendell Anthony, pastor of Fellowship and a strong stalwart in civil and human rights activism. He holds leadership positions with several progressive empowerment organizations, including the Detroit Branch NAACP.

Monica Anthony is the current director of Fellowship’s James E. Wadsworth, Jr. Community Center, as well as director of the Freedom Institute for Economic, Social Justice, and People Empowerment. She mentors young girls ages 6-17 through Fellowship’s Intonjane Training Institute, which offers a rites of passage program.

In addition to her faith-based activism, Anthony is socially committed, having served on the Fannie Lou Hamer Political Action Committee Executive Board, Detroit Public Schools’ Local School Community Organization Committee, United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Fashion Fair Committee, and as a precinct delegate. Additionally, in 2008, she started the Lady MgAnthony Life of Excellence Scholarship whereby she awards $1,000 scholarship annually to one high school male and female who are college bound.

“I started my scholarship program at the same time that Oprah Winfrey began her school For Girls in Africa,” said Anthony. “Oprah has always inspired me when it comes to entrepreneurship and excellence.”

Born in Chicago and raised in Detroit, Anthony has always aspired to do great things to help empower people. After graduating from Mumford High School, she went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in African Studies, Public Policy from Wayne State University. What followed was a succession of executive administration, directorship, and event planning positions with such organizations as Fellowship Chapel, Neighborhood Services Organization, Data Consulting Group, and ACLU of Michigan.

While Anthony was extremely effective and impactful with each organization, the spirit of entrepreneurship kept calling her name. She finally answered the call in 2002 when she formed Gian-Chris, Inc.

For Anthony, the call was easy to answer as she knew the caller was God, giving her an assignment. In order to adhere to the call, according to Anthony, one must be connected to God.

“Some people get the call and respond to it; others just ignore it,” said Anthony. “I believe when something is your passion, when something is your journey, when something is your purpose, gift and assignment, you are constantly on it.

“Everyone must find out what his or her passion is.”

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