Last week this time Mike Duggan, had announced he would not be running for mayor of Detroit due to a judgment given by the court of appeals determining that he did not meet the residency requirements. However, upon returning from vacation to an outpouring of volunteers and citizens rallying to maintain the right to vote who they wanted to run Detroit, Mike Duggan has had a change of heart.

“I looked at the newspaper of what has happened last week, this city the leadership is so unstable…but the emergency management form of government is unstable by it’s nature.” Duggan said.
Duggan continued. “This is not right, Detroiters right now are not in charge of their city government, schools or the 36th district court, we have got to have a mayor that can move the emergency manger out and transition the decision to the city of Detroit.”

Duggan has admitted that a write-in policy is not going to be an easy accomplishment, especially because there is no formal written instruction on how to submit a write-in ballot. Duggan’s next five weeks will focus on education on how to write Mike Duggan on the ballot so that he can make in onto the primary ballot, where he can then focus on a campaign on bringing the city by to the people of Detroit.

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