“Black History in a Nutshell” by author Allen J.Z. Shabazz
 is a unique publication that reveals the truth about Black history.
The book has 10 pages of unique photographs of ancient artifacts
and sculptures rarely seen by the public, and such artifacts are
from museums from around the world. This book also has 158 pages of
documentation that prove the author’s following assertions:

* The planet earth was a world of all black people from the beginning of
66 trillion B.C. to 4,000 B.C. There were no white people (Europeans) on
earth prior to 4,000 B.C., only blacks. Egypt, Greece, Rome, Babylon,
Carthage and all ancient societies were first societies of all black
people. In ancient times Europeans migrated into societies of all black
people, and such societies went from all black to mulatto to all white.

* Pre-history is a word invented by white historians to describe the world
before whites (Europeans) came on the planet earth. America was first
founded by the black African Moors from Mali West Africa. African Moors
founded the Continental United States (Iroquois League of Nations)
American government from 1312 A.D. to 1774 A.D., and in 1774, the European
colonists separated from the African Moors in America, and the British,
and then the white American colonists formed the American government based
on religious and racial bigotry. The African Moors ruled the world from
Spain from 711 A.D. to 1492 A.D., and in 1312 A.D., they transferred their
brilliant society of Spain to America.

“Black History in a Nutshell” also gives historical facts about the
magnificent presence of blacks in the world and in America, that according
to Shabazz, has been purposely covered up by racist European and white
American historians for over 200 years. In the book, Shabazz insists that
Blacks were space travelers prior to 10,000 B.C., and the black Egyptians
wrote designs of airplanes and space-ships on their walls revealing the
black man’s pre-historic space travels. In the book, he tells how the
Canadians found a mask of an ancient black space traveler in Canada in
1879, and he includes a picture of that artifact in the book. Shabazz also
insists that a white historian by the name of Roland Dixon was blackballed
when he revealed the African presence in America as the aboriginal Indians
in his book “Racial History of Man” (1923).

The book also supports Shabazz’s belief that after 1492, the Spanish
expelled the African Moors from Spain for religious and racial reasons,
and they conspired to overthrow the Moorish government in America after
the voyage of Columbus. From 1492 to the present, European and white
American historians have been covering up the true history of blacks which
they have in their museums and private collections.

Shabazz seeks to reveal that hidden information in his book “Black History
In A Nutshell,” which is available for purchase on or

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