Wednesday morning Mike Duggan addressed the press and the public from his campaign office to announce his future plans regarding running for Detroit Mayor.

“We’ve had a lot of fun in this campaign and people in media will probably miss me. But the reality is my family moved to this city, I quit my job, I spend every day for the last year campaigning for the office of mayor with some very good people, we saw the city we loved in distress and we thought we could help”

Duggan continued by giving his thoughts on the recent court of appeals ruling.

“Two judges out of three from the court of appeals, ruled that I am not properly on the ballot…There is no one to blame but me, I read the charter language myself, and handled moving, establishing residency and filing. I read the charter the same way the city election director read it, but two of the three judges of the court of appeals disagreed”

With the delays in his campaign to address these issues Duggan said, “Now we have to look at reality, we were in a very close and tough race, but the damage done by these rulings is too much to overcome. “I just don’t think there is a viable path forward to winning. I wish the decision could have been made by the voters of Detroit and not by judges”

He closed by thanking the people of the city, for embracing the thought of a white mayor in Detroit, citing the countless times people, even supporting other candidate stated that they were glad to see him run.

Prior to taking questions from the audience, Duggan closed by saying that he was not sure what his future holds, but he hopes it would be in another role to help rebuild Detroit. 

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