Illinois will give about $350,000 in emergency funding to Roseland Community Hospital so the Chicago facility can remain open, Gov. Pat Quinn said Wednesday. “Roseland Community Hospital is an anchor in the community and we will do what we can to protect the patients and employees,” Quinn said. “This temporary relief will allow their doors to remain open and continue to provide critical care services. However, this is not a long-term solution. The hospital must take the necessary steps to develop a plan for a sustainable future.”
The money doesn’t come without conditions, though. Quinn said the hospital must develop a long-term turnaround plan and independent financial experts will conduct a review of Roseland Hospital’s budget, operations and finances. The hospital must also select an independent chief restructuring officer to oversee operations.
The money comes on the day the hospital was set to stop accepting new patients and a day after its president and CEO, Dian Powell, resigned. The hospital’s 38 current patients were at risk of being moved for a lack of funds. Powell originally said the state hasn’t paid the hospital $6 million it was promised, but hospital officials later said her statement was inaccurate. Quinn Saves Roseland Hospital From Closing 
Quinn denied Powell’s claims Monday and said the State of Illinois advanced all payments to Roseland for this fiscal year. He blamed “poor management” for the hospital’s debt.
“The hospital and its board of directors have serious management issues that need to be addressed,” Quinn’s office said in a statement. “Roseland Hospital is in deep debt and they have mismanaged their resources into the situation they are in today.”
The hospital released a statement Wednesday saying the state does not owe them money and in fact, issued an advance payment to the facility of $958,240 a few weeks ago.
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