The Democratic-controlled Illinois Senate shot down a concealed carry bill that passed in the House last week and advanced their own revised version instead as a June 9 deadline to craft a new state gun law looms. The move sets up a showdown between the two chambers with just days until a court-mandated deadline on the new law expires.
“Nobody wants us to not do anything and the federal court ruling take effect and thereby allow ‘constitutional carry,'” John Sullivan, a Rushville Democrat, said according to the Quincy-Herald Whig.
Under constitutional carry, anybody would be allowed to carry firearms without the need for training and with no locations exempted. A key difference between the House bill sponsored by Benton Democrat Sen. Gary Forby and the more restrictive Senate-approved version sponsored by Sen. Kwame Raoul, a Chicago Democrat, is the impact the law would have on local gun control ordinances.
“I recognize some folks don’t see this as a big deal, but to preempt every local government from enacting any law or ordinance relating to firearms…is a pretty dramatic risk,” said Democratic Sen. Don Harmon of Oak Park. Under Raoul’s version of the law, local gun ordinances unrelated to concealed carry — such as Chicago’s assault weapons ban — would remain intact, according to the Peoria Journal-Star. Before his version of the bill was defeated, Forby argued Raoul’s plan would create a confusing patchwork of laws across the state.
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(Photo: NBC Chicago screen grab.)

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