The Chicago Transit Authority’s crumbling Red Line tracks south of Roosevelt Road shut down Sunday for the largest construction project in the transit authority’s history, and riders have mixed reviews on navigating the closures.

Commuters must find an alternate way to get where they are going for the next five months via new routes on different buses and trains. For most riders, that means walking to a new train station on the Green Line, which essentially will replace the Red Line from Roosevelt to Garfield.

South of Garfield, the CTA will run six free shuttles from the Green Line station to 95th Street.

An average of 50,000 riders use the south branch of the Red Line each day, according to the CTA.

Commuters are already seeing the effects of the construction.

Preston Teryayah-Griggs said the construction caused his mother to be nearly two hours late for her arrival on Sunday.

“Things just don’t seem to be flowing as well as expected,” he said.

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(Photo: NBCChicago screengrab.)

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