WASHINGTON (AP) — The scandals dogging President Barack Obama are a political gift to Republicans, who could use some good luck after recent election losses. It’s not clear, however, how Republicans can best capitalize on Democrats’ woes, legislatively or politically.
Last November’s election dynamics complicate the picture on both fronts. Republican leaders are urging a bit of restraint in exploiting the White House’s new weaknesses.
Legislatively one of Obama’s biggest second-term goals is to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws, including a new pathway to citizenship for millions of people living here illegally. Many Republicans would like to deny him such a legacy-enhancing prize.
But GOP strategists say their party may need “immigration reform” more than Democrats do.
Hispanic voters overwhelmingly backed Obama in both his elections. The troubling trend for Republicans might worsen if they don’t show greater interest in Latinos’ concerns. For many, that includes major changes to immigration laws.
“There’s a political concern that we need to heal our rift with the Hispanic community,” said Kirby Wilbur, the Republican Party chairman in Washington state. He said, however, he’s not sure it’s necessary to offer citizenship for people who came here illegally.
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(Photo: Carolyn Kaster/AP)

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