If you missed Minister Louis Farrakhan’s visit to Detroit City Council, Destiny Chapel of Fellowship Cahple on Friday May 17, you can here him here as he spoke to Detroit City Council during his two-day visitto the city.

The Nation of Islam leader was in Detroit to address a myriad of issues, including Detroit’s financial crisis, the emergency manager and abandoned property.

“… Wherever there’s a carcass, there’s always a buzzard somewhere … So Downtown is being bought up. It seems to be coming along very good. But as you drive through Detroit, it’s like a wasteland. But wastelands always give opportunity to those who have vision. While the buzzards want to eat the carrion… there are those who want to see the city come back to life.”ged Detroiters to pool their resources and began buying vacant land for development.


Hear more of Farrakhan’s remarks by clicking below:


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