With “Motown: The Musical” doing so well on Broadway, once again there is a focus not only on the legendary record company, but on the relationship between Motown founder/president Berry Gordy and the superdiva Diana Ross as well.
There are those who believe that the Supremes, the most successful female vocal group of all time, received the most promotion at Motown because of Gordy’s relationship with the group’s charismatic lead singer, Diana Ross.
But the truth is that anything personal between came later. Gordy made the Supremes top priority because he saw something special in them and in Ross in particular. He knew she had the makings of a superstar and a drive that matched his own.
“Diana and I are the same kind of people,” Gordy said. “She wanted what I wanted. We set out to get it and we vowed never to let our personal relationship affect it. I loved her, but I wasn’t selfish enough to want to marry and take her out of what I knew she had to have.”
On a lighter note he said, “Why should she marry me when she’s got me anyway?”
Gordy and Ross have a daughter, Rhonda, who was born while Ross was still married to her first husband, Robert Ellis Silberstein, who as a publicist worked as Bob Ellis.

and, Robert Ellis Silberstein, who as a publicist worked as Bob Ellis.

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