Yesterday, cell phones turned 40! After years of becoming increasingly reliant on them, an important question arises. Where would we be without our trusty gadgets?

How long could you go without a cellphone? Some say they can barely last an hour, let alone a day. Others have given up their gadgets, and say it’s made them much more stress-free. Could you take the challenge, if you had to? What would be the outcome?

Our world has become completely reliant on technology. It’s created a distance between us that some feel threatens real, interpersonal relationships. At the same time, we’ve used it to enter the everyday lives of people we barely know. Thanks to social media, we’re free to show off nearly every detail of our personal lives. Most of us are guilty, at least by association.

​Cell phones are a part of that technological reliance that now appears completely ingrained with our reality. ​Today’s gismos allow you to check your email, scroll through networking sites, and “Google” anything you could imagine. The list goes alone. After all that we’ve done to our cell phones, it’s nearly unimaginable what would happen if we had to give up our gadgets. They’ve nearly become another body part, and one that serves tremendous utilities.  

Move over, sparky! It now seems “man’s best friend” is his cell phone. That notion might be disturbing considering these so-called trust companions haven’t at least a heart beat. The big question, is there anything wrong with the fact that we rely so heavily on inanimate objects? Opinions differ, yet one thing is for sure.  As long as we don’t lose our pulse, perhaps we must just accept we now live in a world where we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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