Lil Wayne released from the hospitala

Lil Wayne was reportedly released from a Los Angeles area hospital late Monday night after suffering a seizure last week. Friend and president of the Young Money record label, Mack Maine posted on Twitter:

Mack Maine ‏@mackmaine
Thanks to Cedar Sinai for everything!!! @LilTunechi has been officially been released and is headed home….God is great

Lil Wayne, aka Lil Tunechi has a history of seizures, including having “seizure-like” symptoms aboard his private jet in 2012. While the cause of these seizures have not been released, or perhaps aren’t known, at 30-years-old being prone to seizures isn’t exactly normal.

Only 2% of American adults suffer from seizures with causes ranging from head trauma, alcoholism, ingestion of a poisonous substance, hypoxia (a lack of oxygen to the brain caused by drowning, strangulation, drug overdose, among others). Genetic factors could also be cause of seizures, but considering Weezy’s self-proclaimed drug use (i.e. sizzurp and molly), it is possible that the coveted “rap star lifestyle” is catching up to him.

Wayne is not the only rapper battling seizures. Rick Ross also joined the “Seizures Mile High Club” last year.

While the hip hop world is thankful for Wayne’s recovery and prayerful for his continued and improved health, one has to hope that these health scares and hospital visits will spark a change in the rapper. While his legacy in hip hop and pop culture is secure and indisputable, his four kids cannot be raised by Number One records.


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