Rush hour rally against EFM causes traffic jam

If you were headed to work in the Detroit area this morning, chances are you didn’t miss out on the early traffic jam.

Yet, this time, rush hour wasn’t to blame.

City residents are out again for the second day in a row, and they’re halting traffic on major freeways. Calling the emergency manager law an “attack on democracy”, protesters slowly progressed down the John C Lodge freeway, beginning at 8 Mile road.

The rallying citizens are against an EFM in Detroit, and have taken matters into their own hands to try and stop a state takeover. Residents in opposition to the law seek to gain the attention of federal officials, in hopes that they will step in to keep an emergency financial manager out of the city. Protesters vow to continue the series of “civil disturbances” until lawmakers take notice.

How will legislators respond to the opinion of what appears to be an increasing majority of Detroiters?

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