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If you thought for one second the Voice of the Negro wasn’t going to celebrate the major historical moment of #MLKObamaDay, then you were wrong. Dead wrong. This past Monday I attended radio station WVON 1690’s inaugural party, held at The Grand Ballroom on 63rd Cottage Grove.
Founded in 1926, WVON is a talk-radio station that caters to an African American audience. I listen to the Matt McGill Show almost every morning. WVON discusses issues relevant to the Black community, locally and globally.
The average twenty-something probably doesn’t listen to WVON, so it didn’t shock me to find an older audience at the party. It didn’t bother me a bit, because those who know me, know at times I can have an old soul. Let me tell you guys, The Grand Ballroom is absolutely gorgeous. It’s definitely one of the South Side’s hidden gems. I’m hoping the community takes advantage of what they have to offer.
WVON definitely rolled out the red carpet for us, literally. There was red carpet leading into the entrance. The security was tight! At one point I questioned if President Obama was going to make a quick appearance, because the security was so on point. The finger foods were consistently flowing, and guests had the choice of having an “Obama Mama” or “Lady O” cocktail. If you preferred not to consume alcohol, the “Sasha & Malia” drink was available as well. Isn’t that cute?!?
A live band serenaded us, and every now and then the DJ played a song that would get us out of our seat. And since we’re in Chicago you know the type of dancing that occurred: stepping. Needless to say, we ate, we drank, and we were merry.

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