In each of the first three years of his presidency, I urged Barack Obama (in vain…read here, here and here) not to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard—the summer redoubt of notables ranging from the Kennedys to Oprah—even if it is, among African Americans at least, as sure a sign as any that you’ve “arrived.”

Because it’s also a place where elite folk go to escape the hoi polloi, and so Obama risks looking like he’s out of touch if he’s living a lifestyle that’s above the pay grade of average Americans, according to David Swerdlick on The Grio.

But the National Rifle Association has taken that line of reasoning one perverse step too far with its new ad that tags Obama as an “elitist” and a “hypocrite” for eschewing their calls for more armed guards in public schools while the president’s children have ’round-the-clock security.

After disingenuously asking “are the president’s kids more important than yours?” the ad goes on to argue that Obama “demands” that wealthy Americans pay a “fair share” of taxes, but that “he’s just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security”.

In other words, the NRA cares if your kids get shot at school, but not Obama. Oh, and if he really favors gun control, he should either find a way to furnish armed guards for every child in America, or give it up for his own daughters, as well.

Read the full story on The Grio.

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