KENWOOD — Teachers and administrators from Avalon Park Elementary turned out Wednesday to defend their former boss, embattled King College Prep High School principal Shontae Higginbottom, reports

“My son was at a school that was run amok,” Jonathon Smith, a parent of an Avalon Park Elementary student, told the King College Prep local school council Thursday. “Ms. Higginbottom came in and turned that around.”

Smith — one of more than 20 people from Higginbottom’s former school who defended her — urged parents and students at King to trust that her style of discipline will work, even if the packaging isn’t always appealing.

“She is abusive and she isn’t going to explain herself, she doesn’t do that,” said Smith, a member Avalon’s council.
Teachers from Avalon, 8045 S. Kenwood Ave., praised Higginbottom’s ability to quell severe discipline problems, such as children throwing desks down the stairs.

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