CHICAGO — Rate increases on all CTA passes go into effect Monday, reports DNAinfo.com.

Aside from the base fare of $2 for each bus ride and $2.25 for every train ride, every other fare will change.

The fare for a 30-day pass rose from $86 to $100. Those who purchase single-day passes will pay $10 per pass compared with $5.75. The cost of a three-day pass rises $6 more to $20, and a seven-day pass now costs $28, a $5 increase. A combined CTA/Pace pass have also increased $5 to $33.

The fare changes are the agency’s first since 2009 and were approved in December to increase the agency’s revenues. CTA spokeswoman Tammy Chase said the agency’s customer service department is prepared to field an increased number of calls today.

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