After eight years on the road as a technology consultant with Accenture, I decided to take a management position with Chicago Public Schools in 2008. Being in my home city everyday made it apparent that I had developed very few personal and professional relationships in Chicago. A valued mentor recommended that I expand my network and actively engage people on a deeper level. This interview series is the result of that exercise in self-development. In this part of my personal and professional journey, I will share the stories of the insightful, inspiring, talented and accomplished Chicagoans I meet along the way.

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The inaugural profile of The Personal and the Professional features Jason Gilmore. Jason and I met in the fall of 2012 at a strategic planning session for the Chicago Chapter of the National Urban Fellows. He immediately captured my attention with his poise and presence but I quickly realized that he was a man of insight and substance as well. During the meeting, Jason was quick to contribute insights, ask questions and offer assistance. I immediately added him to my list of people to know. Jason was kind enough to answer some probing questions this past December. An extended version of this interview can be found on my blog at

The Personal

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• Home Town: Detroit, MI

• Personal Moto: Have a vision and be demanding.

• Words of Wisdom: Be careful what you choose. You may get it.

• Currently Reading: It Worked For Me by Colin Powell

• Last Vacation Location: Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic

• Currently listening to: good Kid m.A.A.d city by Kendrick Lamar

• Favorite Past time: Running – ran Detroit marathon this year

• Supported Charities: Charity Water, Oceana, PAWS Chicago

• Alma Mater: University of Michigan

• Nickname: I was called “Juice” until I was 12 because I could “turn on the juice” and run really fast.

• Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV

• Biggest Wish: To race the Boston Marathon

• Favorite Sports Team: Detroit Tigers, Lions, and Pistons

• Favorite T.V Show: Game of Thrones

The Professional

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Stylish, enigmatic and intelligent, Jason Gilmore creates quite an impression. He moved from Detroit to Chicago in October of 2010 where he is currently employed as Manager of Foundation & Government Grants for Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago. The majority of his time is divided between identifying and prioritizing activities to engage donors, managing and engaging with a portfolio of donors, and guiding cultivation and solicitation strategies for donors.

The only members of Jason’s family in Chicago are his wife and his extended Greek family of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. His wife works for a national consulting firm which promoted her to a senior level position based in Chicago. At the time, Jason was working as a Chief Compliance Officer & Academic Grant Writer for Covenant House Academies in Detroit.

Eventually, Jason would like to return to Detroit and contribute to the resurgence of the city. The motto of Detroit is “Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus” which translates into “We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes”. Jason believes he has a duty to try to embody that hope and contribute to the resurrection. This is no surprise. Afterall, he has always been interested in offering service to others.

In addition to being actively involved in the Association for Fundraising Professionals Chicago Chapter where he recently completed a fellowship, Jason is seeking to volunteer with a well-established and effective mentoring program geared towards young black men. His own uncle provided a vigilant and well structured guidance which helped him become the man he is today. All young men should be as fortunate.

Jason X. Gilmore | Manager of Foundation & Government Grants

Access Living of Metropolitan Chicago

115 West Chicago Avenue

Chicago, IL 60654

Direct: (312) 640-2185TTY: (312) 640-2102

Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed learning more about the personal and professional sides of Jason Gilmore. Expect to see a new profile soon and be sure to follow this blog so that you will receive the latest updates, interviews and articles.


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