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(Blog – noun e.g. my blog; -verb e.g. to blog). Blogging has become a part of our zeitgeist, with groups like Blogging While Brown and BlogHer defining how we receive information today. Bloggers have been instrumental in breaking news that might not have otherwise made it into the mainstream. Remember when Senator Trent Lott praised the politics of his colleague Strom Thurmond? Well, a blogger brought that to light and in so doing ended Lott’s long career in the Senate. Bloggers cover less weighty topics as well – food, travel, education, fashion and child rearing and offer a man on the street perspective across all these categories. The Chicago Defender is excited to introduce a line-up of bloggers that will cover Chicago like no one else can. Each day the Chicago Defender will bring you one of our subject matter experts with their own unique perspective on Chicago across a broad spectrum of topics.

Meet our Chicago Defender Blogging Team

Janice Bond – Yes, her name is Bond, Janice Bond, and our globetrotting art and culture expert will be bringing you dispatches from around the world on what is happening in the art world. Japan, Malaysia and South Africa are just some of places Bond has shared her expertise and now she’s on line with the Chicago Defender. @gypsetproper

Sherry Clayton – Clayton will be doing profiles of Chicago movers and shakers, providing Defender readers with that unexpected insight you might not otherwise get. Clayton brings curiosity to her insightful and inspiring profiles that cover both the personal and the professional life of our city’s A-listers. @sherry563

Elbert Hatley aka The Wine Guide. Hatley hosts wine tastings that are fun, informative and educational; and works to bridge the gap between the wine novice and the enthusiast. Just in time for the holidays The Wine Guide has the info you need to become an entertaining genius

Amy Hilliard – Business has never been so sweet as when the long time entrepreneur, innovator, social activist and CEO of Comfort Cake takes pen to paper. In her blog “Pounding Cake into a Business” Hilliard offers a business perspective honed by her time at Howard and Harvard, yet she offers common sense commentary on business and “making it”. Don’t expect just sunshine and roses however, Hilliard offers a real world perspective for those in it for the long haul. @comfortcake

Tanikia Thompson – Nikki and the City’s Tanikia Thompson brings an urban perspective to our readers as she covers events and what’s hot in the city. Thompson is plugged in and in charge as she brings you the hottest happenings in the Chi. @nikkiandthecity

Of course, our team would not be complete without our well-known and esteemed columnist (the original bloggers) Theresa Frambro “Teesee” Hooks and Earle Calloway. Their insightful missives will continue to appear both on-line and in the pages of the Chicago Defender Newspaper.

And more bloggers are joining our ranks. Keep tuned to the Chicago Defender as well as the Defender Digital Daily to see who’s keeping tabs on happenings across Chicago. And join in the conversation. Our bloggers can be found on Twitter, on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. You can make comments directly on our site http://www.chidefender.com to keep the conversation going or reach out directly to them via social media. We welcome your input, just remember to keep it respectful.

And who knows we might break a few scandals along the way. It’s blogging like only the Chicago Defender can bring it to you.

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