Chicago—On Thursday, November 29 at 4:00 p.m. dozens of janitors and airport workers who work at O’Hare will hold a prayer vigil outside of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s North Shore home.

Last week, on the busiest travel day of the year, hundreds of airport workers participated in a peaceful protest at O’Hare asking Mayor Emanuel to protect good jobs at Chicago’s largest airport instead of hiring irresponsible contractors that create poverty jobs at the expense of our city’s economy. Now they are once again asking our city’s Mayor to Walk A Day in their shoes.

Over the last decade, airline profits have risen dramatically, while service jobs at the nation’s second busiest airport continue to pay less and offer fewer benefits, leaving more and more Chicagoans forced to rely on taxpayer-funded assistance. More than 300 airport workers who have family-sustaining jobs with benefits may lose their jobs right before Christmas.

Mayor Emanuel awarded this public cleaning contract, which is funded through airline fees, to United Maintenance, whose low bid cannot cover existing wages and benefits. With this decision, Mayor Emanuel continues a pattern of cutting good jobs to help irresponsible contractors and large corporations increase their profits at the expense of good middle class jobs for Chicago.

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