Empowering women with entrepreneurial spirits is what the BOSS Network strives to do and it succeeded again last weekend at the Power Professionals Networking Event and Career Expo.

Special panelists from different industries shared what makes them a powerful professional woman.

Entertainment Producer for WGN-TV, Tyra Martin, Executive Director of The LUV Institute, Cosette Yisrael, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Heart & Soul Magazine, Pam Taylor and CEO and Founder of Big Girls Cosmetics, Kiley Russell gave advice and shared secrets on how they became successful.

Bringing Out Successful Sisters is an organization for professional and entrepreneurial women who support one another through conversation and event based networking. Last Saturday it attracted about 75 women in all areas of their career to mingle, network and most importantly learn how to create their personal brand.

The Ven Sherrod Loft, 1906 S. Halsted, set the perfect atmosphere for a fun, classy and sophisticated night. The ticketed event provided free cocktails, turkey delectables from Creative Turkey Cuisine and free professional headshots.

Founder of the BOSS Network, Cameka Smith, shared her top seven steps to growing your professional network. Some which included stop and breathe and “perfect the art of the follow-up.”

The panel told women to find skills that are invaluable, to research what others have done in their chosen field and make sure they are truly chasing their passions.

Tamika Price from Standout Style is wardrobe stylist and personal shopper. She gave the room tips on creating their professional brand.

“You don’t want your look or image to close the door,” she said.

“We as women of color have to be three times more on point. It is so much harder for us. Our brand and image have to be consistent.”

Price suggested women leave popular stores like Forever 21 alone, and transition into the Macy’s and Nordstrom’s. If funds are low, she said thrift stores are not taboo like they were in the past. To assure women she takes her own advice, she pointed out the simple, fitted black blazer she wore was purchased from one. The room erupted in sounds of surprise and approvals.

Every professional woman should wear a wrist watch because it signifies responsibility. She joked everyone would go crazy if they lost their cell phone because they would not know what time it was.

Drawing closer to classic cuts over trendy is another good idea, she said, because classics can be played up more. Wearing comfortable, but stylish shoes is a necessity and finding your “thing,” is just as important. Price recommended a pair of glasses or a certain shade of lipstick to become each woman’s signature “thing.”

Women also learned how to perfect their 30-second elevator pitch.

The BOSS Network has been named by Forbes.com as one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurial Websites for Women, and 10 Best Career Sites for Women. Black Enterprise.com named it one of the nice websites to follow on Twitter.

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