Reminding us that ignorance is alive and well in the midst of the greatest storms, GOP presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, and VP running mate Paul Ryan, hit the campaign trail today to attack President Barack Obama’s statement about potentially creating a “secretary of Business,” reports

“He wants to create a new ‘secretary of business,'” Ryan said. “We already have a secretary of business. It’s actually called secretary of commerce. That’s what this agency does. Let me ask you a question: Can anybody name our current secretary of commerce? You know why? We don’t have one! It’s been vacant for over four months … we don’t need another bureaucrat or another bureaucracy, we need another president.”

There are three problems with that statement:

1.) Commerce is a major part of business, but by no means is it business in the whole.

2.) Ryan lied. We do have a secretary of Commerce.

3.) That’s not what President Obama said.

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